As healthcare providers, we know a lot about healthcare. We likely know a lot about health insurance. But, we typically know very little about disability insurance. After all, disability insurance is not a subject addressed in our otherwise extensive education. (No one’s teaching the differences between individual own-occupation and long-term group policies during grand rounds. Well, no one, except me.)

On the other hand, doctors know enough to insure all the other valuable things in our own lives: our cars, our homes, our lives. Thing is, we tend to ignore our biggest, most important, and, quite often, our hardest-won asset: We don’t insure our ability to earn income to support ourselves and our families.

Physician disability insurance is just that — a plan that will ensure you continue to receive a portion of your income, should you become physically or cognitively unable to fulfill the requirements of your specific job in medicine. In the event that you, like me, could no longer practice the profession you were educated and trained for, disability insurance helps you to meet your expenses. It allows you and your family to continue your standard of living. Physician disability insurance is income protection.

As physicians, we are constantly taking care of others. Disability insurance exists so that we can take care of ourselves and our families.

physician disability insurance


As a resident, you have come very far in your field, yet insurance companies view you as just starting out. Residents typically qualify for insurers’ “starter package” policies, which come at a significant discount….Learn more at the link below.



Your ability to earn a living is your greatest asset: You need to protect your future. Risk management needs to begin yesterday…Learn more at the link below.

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What is a broker?

A broker is a licensed insurance representative who does not represent a specific company, but is appointed business among various insurance companies. Legally, the broker is regarded as someone who represents you, the insured, rather than the company. This autonomy allows a broker to work freely among multiple carriers.

Purchasing a high-quality, personally tailored disability insurance policy is easy when you know what is important. You need to protect your future. Make the investment in yourself.